Godwin Diary


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Wednesday, 11 June, 1806

11.6.1806 dine at Johnson's w. Conrad
Not a clear identification but a rare surname
John Frederick Conrad bach = St Dunstan i t West 2.8.1789 Ann Catharina Vocker sp banns sigs wits John Webster, Elizabeth Kramer
1790 Conrad weaver Norton Folgate
Holdens dir 1805, 1811 Mr John Conrad Queens-row Islington
John Frederick Conrad bur Bunhill Fields 9.3.1836 age 77


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Thursday, 22 May, 1806

22.5.1806 call on Spurrier, w. M[ary] J[ane] / 23.5.1806 call on Spurrier / 10.7.1828 call on Lodge adv. Spurrier
John William Spurrier esq SunFire 1828 25 Old-sq, Lincolns Inn, will PCC 12.12.1848
John Spurrier auctioneer Copthall-ct Throgmorton-st SunFire 1781, 1785, 1789 & Yardleybury, Herts 1802, 1806
Isaac Spurrier coach builder Greek-st SunFire 1789 voted Sheridan & Paull 1806 will PCC 20.9.1827


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Wednesday, 30 April, 1806

30.4.1806 call on Willoughby (Nic)
Shropshire Archives 3614/8/38 letters of administration of Mary late wife of Nicholas Willoughby of Queens Row, Pimlico 13.8.1825.  But it would be unusual for Godwin to have used brackets after the surname for the first name, it more often referred to something the person was known for, like an address or an author's work - perhaps in this case being short for Nicholson, Godwin's friend who was at that time in and out of debtors' prisons
Holdens 1811 directory:


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Saturday, 12 April, 1806

12.4.1806 call on Joachim (not seen)


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Saturday, 29 March, 1806

29.3.1806 S Burnel calls / 8.4.1806 S Burnel dines / 22.4.1806 meet S Burnel / 6.5.1806 E Burnel at tea / 11.7.1806 meet S Burnel / 19.1.1808 miss Burnel adv. at dinner / 12.7.1812 meet E Burnel / 16.5.1828 Breakfast, Reynolds's, w. Burnel
I made lots of notes on families of this name but don't seem to have found any plausible identification yet

Mavor, Ann

First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Thursday, 7 May, 1807

7.5.1807 dine at Philips's with mrs Mavor
The wife of William Fordyce Mavor (DNB 1758-1837) who has a person record on GD website. According to DNB her maiden name was Ann Harris. Her death was recorded in Jackson's Oxford Journal 21.9.1822.


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Thursday, 7 August, 1806

7.8.1806 Brian & Mulready call
The only Brian in Godwin's diary. There are a number of examples of O'Brien and O'Briens but none of Brien Briens Brians O'Brian or O'Brians. No reason to think Brian was connected to Mulready who may have just happened to call on the same morning.


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Sunday, 12 October, 1806

12.10.1806 Bray at dinner at H Tooke's


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Friday, 23 May, 1806

23.5.1806 dine at S Beresford's with Rowans, Snows, Bassanet & M(ary) J(ane)

James Bessonnet eldest son of Francis Bessonnet late of Dublin profesor of theology admitted Grays Inn 1804. James Bessonet adm Trin Coll Dublin 1796 age 16. World 26.8.1790 Rev Francis Bessonet, clergyman of French church in St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin died. Morn Post 5.10.1858 James Bessonnet QC assistant barrister of Co. Waterford died at his residence in Dublin (Leeson St). He was called to bar in 1807 and became chairman of  Waterford 1847


First entry in Godwin diary (1788-1836 only): 
Tuesday, 16 September, 1806

16.9.1806 Curran & Hetherington call