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15.5.1806 Serjeant's Inn w. Few & Springsguth
See Springsguth, Matthew Clix for his...

Godwin Diary
Fickner, Edward

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Edward Fickner of Richmond

Mill Voters 1802

Field 17.2.1799 at Holcroft's / 9.8.1804 miss Field at Lamb's /27.4.1808 call on Field, Annuity...

Godwin Diary
Field, Barron

HCR diary 8.1.1828 walked with B Field to Mrs Blake, shortly after the death of William Blake (...

Crabb Robinson Diary
Field, Thomas

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Thomas Field of Brentford End
According to an Ancestry user-submitted...

Mill Voters 1802
Fievee, Ad

Ad. Fievee dines 20.5.1802 / 24.6.1802 E Christie dines; adv A Fievee & anonyme

Godwin Diary
Figaro & mrs Smith

theatre, 2/3 Figaro & mrs Smith 19.6.1823
The event tag on the GD website which...

Godwin Diary

Finchs 9.10.1803 at Lofft's / 12.2.1804 (Loffts &) 2 Finchs dine / 19.2.1804 miss Finch...

Godwin Diary
Finch, Daniel

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Daniel Finch of Twickenham
Daniel Finch bur 21.6.1820 Twickenham age 78...

Mill Voters 1802
Finch, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Finch of Clements Lane proposed 26.4.1792 by Samuel...

Society of Constitutional Information
Finch, John & Elizabeth

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 22.12.1793 John Finch & Elizabeth Finch

Finch, William

MILL VOTERS 1802:  William Finch of Richmond
William Finch bur 16.5.1825 Richmond age 73...

Mill Voters 1802
Fingal, Lord

L Fingal 17.8.1800 at (Robert) Darwin's, Shrewsbury
Arthur James Plunkett Dict Irish Biog...

Godwin Diary, Irish
Firth, William

28.6.1794 at Alderson's / 15.7.1794 again / at Martineau's 10.12.1794 / at Batty's ? or at Jo...

Godwin Diary

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel bapt 9.12.1798 Sophia-Ann Fisher born 5.2.1790 William...

Fisher, Joseph

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Joseph Fisher of Twickenham
Joseph Fisher bur 15.6.1817 Twickenham age...

Mill Voters 1802

15.10.1799 meet Fitzgerald (ex PS) / 25.9.1800 ma. Fitzgerald at mrs Plunket's / 14.2.1802...

Godwin Diary, John King's Crowd
Fitzgerald, Edward

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Lord Edward Fitzgerald proposed 28.9.1792 by John Horne...

Society of Constitutional Information
Fitzgerald, Keane

see Poland Street 10 to 18 & 45 to 48 in London Addresses dataset
Keane Fitzgerald 48...

Greater Soho
Fitzgerald, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Fitzgerald Esq of the Temple proposed 15.4.1791...

Society of Constitutional Information

ventriloquist Fitzjames 25.4.1803 at Dulau's Library
Ventriloquist who appeared in...

Godwin Diary
Fitzpatrick, Jeremiah,

2.8.1796 call on sir Jerome Fitzpatrick, adv &c
Jeremiah Fitzpatrick DNB c1740-1810...

Godwin Diary
Fitzpatrick, Richard

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Richard Fitzpatrick proposed 11.8.1780 by Richard...

Society of Constitutional Information
Fitzroy, Warren

29.4.1794 see Fitzroy at Gerald's (Newgate).
Hon Warren Fitzroy 1768-1806 son of Charles...

Godwin Diary

John Flather has a person record in GD website and all Flather and Flathers entries are coded to...

Godwin Diary
Flaxman, John

JOHN FLAXMAN (1755-1826)
CURRENT TEXT "his marriage in...

Amendments to Oxford DNB, Swedenborgians
Flaxman, Mary Ann

HCR diary 20.6.1818 "a call on Miss Flaxman"
                    24.2.1820 "at Flaxman's...

Crabb Robinson Diary

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Fletcher of 7 New Sq, Lincolns Inn proposed 28.3...

Godwin Diary, Bonney Diary, Society of Constitutional Information, John King's Crowd
Fletcher, James

SWEDENBORGIANS: New Jerusalem Chapel James Fletcher bapt 19.6.1791 born 7.2.1755 of William...

Fletcher, John

See Castle Street East 1 to 15 &c in London Addresses dataset
No 11 Castle Street East...

Greater Soho

Flindt calls 7.9.1805
Perhaps Capt Peter Flindt. Hull Packet 19.5.1801& 26.5.1801 The...

Godwin Diary

Flint 7.3.1805 adv at Philips' / 29.6.1805 Flint's / 19.6.1806 call on Flint / 21.6.1806 again...

Godwin Diary
Flint, Elizabeth

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Elizabeth Flint 23 Poland St (Kings...

Greater Soho
Flood, Henry

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Rt Hon Henry Flood proposed 30.5.1788 by James Martin...

Society of Constitutional Information

HCR diary 25.1.1832 at the Aders thé dansant at Willis' Rooms "Flor the German appeared in...

Crabb Robinson Diary

on Bath coach 5.6.1798 Florence, Quimper, Pennsylvania & un clerc
Godwin was...

Godwin Diary