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13.7.1796 dine at Sewell with Flower & Copland
The GD website codes this to Benjamin...

Godwin Diary
Flower, Benjamin

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Benjamin Flower of Cornhill proposed 13.2.1784 by...

Society of Constitutional Information
Flower, Francis

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Francis Flower ratebooks 6 Batemans...

Greater Soho
Flower, William

MILL VOTERS 1802:  William Flower of Twickenham
William Flower will PCC 1814 gent of...

Mill Voters 1802
Fonsaick, Mrs

see Fonseque, Mrs

Godwin Diary
Fonseque, Mrs

mrs Fonsaick 4.6.1794 at (Joseph) Jennings'.
PCC 1770 James Fonseque of Lincoln, Jacob...

Godwin Diary

Fontana 14.8.1798 at Joseph Johnson's
Perhaps Gregorio Fontana 1735-1803 colleague of...

Godwin Diary
Foot, Jesse

27.3.1796 Foot at Kentish's / 27.6.1796 meet Foot / 8.7.1799 again / 23.12.1799 again / 10.8....

Godwin Diary

Foote 3.5.1802 at RA exhibition / 20.8.1814 at Hogarth exhibition, British Institution

Godwin Diary

Forbes 7.11.1803 at Hamilton Rowan's / 24.1.1811 Forbes calls / 23.4.1820 Forbes at Hume's...

Godwin Diary, Irish
Forbes, Miss

HCR 12.5.1826 HCR's guests to supper "Flaxmans, Masqueriers, a Miss Forbes, Blake, Sutton Sharpe...

Crabb Robinson Diary

In 1796 list for 1782 underlined, but not in 1794 version, nor in any diary entries before 1806...

Godwin Diary
Ford, Samuel sr & jr

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Samuel Ford of Richmond & Samuel Ford the younger of Richmond

Mill Voters 1802

HCR diary   1.8.1813 HCR said Maria Fordham "delightful"

Crabb Robinson Diary
Fordyce, James

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1779, also in 1794 version and list of 17 (at end of diary Vol VI see...

Godwin Diary
Forrow, Henry

MILL VOTERS 1802:  Henry Forrow of Old Brentford
Will PCC 1771 Henry Forrow builder of...

Mill Voters 1802
Forsaith, Robert

5.11.1789 Forsaith at Rev Socy.
Robert Forsaith (Surman index) 1749-97 was an assistant...

Godwin Diary
Forster, Georg

23.5.1790 Forster at Paradise's. In Godwin's 1796 list as Foster crossed out, and in 1794...

Godwin Diary
Forster, Mrs

HCR diary 1.7.1842 at Samuel Rogers' breakfast table "Mrs Forster daughter of Banks the sculptor...

Crabb Robinson Diary

miss Forsyth 16.10.1800 at tea at Godwin's with H(annah) G(odwin) & Hansard / 5.8.1801 sups...

Godwin Diary
Foster, Thomas

SWEDENBORGIANS: Thomas Foster one of 77 signatories to New Chuch 7.12.1788. New Jerusalem Chapel...

Foulkes, David

David F 3.12.1794 at Foulkes'.
The F must surely stand for Foulkes and this was presumably...

Godwin Diary
Foulkes, John

F's on 21.6.1795 must be Foulkes', as Watley only appeared at Foulkes'. Seems to be a case of...

Godwin Diary
Foulkes, Philippa

29.12.1794 Godwin calls on Mrs Foulkes nah (not at home) / 27,7.1795 adv at Holcroft's / 6.9....

Godwin Diary

Fowden 14.2.1802 at King's
Reginald Fowden Lt 38th foot 28.9.1797 Capt 14.8.180, Reginald...

Godwin Diary, John King's Crowd
Fox, Baron

27.4.1788 Kensington Gardens, see Baron Fox. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1788
Henry Fox 3rd...

Godwin Diary
Fox, Charles James

fol 46r of Vol VII of Godwin's diary: Fox repeated 101 odes of Horace travelling alone in a post...

Godwin Diary
Fox, Francis

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Francis Fox of Derby proposed 28.9.1792 by Thomas...

Society of Constitutional Information
Fox, Henry

27.4.1788 see baron Fox (in Kensington Gardens). In Godwin's 1796 list for 1788, and in 1794...

Godwin Diary
Fox, Samuel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Fox Esq of Derby proposed 18.5.1792 William...

Society of Constitutional Information
Fox, William

AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: William Fox DNB 1736-1826 see below

Amendments to Oxford DNB, Society of Constitutional Information
Foy, Sidney Hollis

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Sidney Hollis Foy of 12 Arundel St original member 1780...

Society of Constitutional Information

1.10.1790 call at Webb's, fr / 10.11.1790 call on mrs Webb fr / 8.11.1791 call on mrs Jacob, fr...

Godwin Diary
France, Joseph

see Autobiography of Francis Place ed. Mary Thale p71-82

Jane dau of Joseph &...

Francis Place's connections

26.4.1795 at King's / 14.11.1795 there / 3.12.1795 there / 1.1.1796 there / 7.6.1799 adv at...

Godwin Diary, John King's Crowd
Francois, John

see Poland Street 10 to 18 & 45 to 48 in London Addresses dataset
John Francois 18...

Greater Soho