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Kilburn 13.2.1805 at Joseph Johnson's
Perhaps William Kilburn DNB 1745-1818 artist and...

Godwin Diary

Kilkenny 25.9.1800 at mrs Plunket's
Perhaps Edmund Butler 1771-1846 who married 1793...

Godwin Diary, Irish

Kimberley 31.12.1800 at Mary Robinson's funeral, Old Windsor
PCC wills William Kimberley...

Godwin Diary

1.12.1793 dine at Jennings with Holcroft & King / 22.4.1795 King at Holcroft's / 14.5.1796...

Godwin Diary
King, C

C King at Reveley's 21.9.1796 / 3.5.1800 C King at Bedford House
Could be Charlotte Byrne...

Godwin Diary
King, George

19.4.1802 write to Geo King / 20.4.1802 again
Abinger c7 f115-20 has George King's letter...

Godwin Diary, John King's Crowd
King, John

JOHN KING 1753-1824
CURRENT TEXT "Although they lived as husband and wife for forty years...

Amendments to Oxford DNB

19.12.1801 meet, at Fenwick's, Kingden, &c, £75
The surname spelt Kingden is virtually...

Godwin Diary
Kingdon, Peter

See Castle Street East 1 to 15 &c in London Addresses dataset
No 10 Castle St East...

Greater Soho

GODWIN DIARY:  Kingsbury 11.6.1791 at Disney's, with Charlesworth
Benjamin Kingsbury...

Crabb Robinson Diary

7.1.1798 Kingslake at Holcrofts
Kingslake is a rare name but may have been an alternative...

Godwin Diary

On 13.3.1794 Godwin dined at Wedgwood's where Kinsman was present. On 26.9.1798 he met miss...

Godwin Diary
Kingston, John

2 Kingstons 24.2.1803
See Cooper, Elizabeth Priscilla. John Kingston MP (1735-1820) Oporto...

Godwin Diary
Kinnaird, George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Rt Hon Lord George Kinnaird proposed member 17.5.1782 by...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information

See Kingsman

Godwin Diary
Kippis, Andrew

GODWIN DIARY see his person record in GD website

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information
Kirkby, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Capt John Kirkby of Worksop Notts proposed member 8.9....

Society of Constitutional Information
Kirkley, Ralph

Godwin took tea at Kirkley's on 9.8.1799, followed by a call on Elkins. This was Sir Joshua...

Godwin Diary

Kirkmans 5.4.1795 adv at Batty's /  21.8.1810 & 11.9.1810 call on Kirkman

Godwin Diary
Kirkpatrick, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Lt Col James Kirkpatrick of Croydon Common proposed...

Society of Constitutional Information

Kirwan 23.7.1800 dines. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 / 26.7.1800 call on with Curran, adv two...

Godwin Diary, Irish
Kleboe, Erasmus

See Castle Street East 1 to 15 &c in London Addresses dataset
No 5 Castle Street East...

Greater Soho
Klugh, George

15.3.1806 call on Klugh / 19.3.1806 again
George Klugh tailor Ryders Court Soho SunFire...

Godwin Diary
Knapp, barrister

11.8.1807 call on Knapp; barrister, w. T(homas) T(urner) / 9.11.1807 dine at Guildhall; adv....

Godwin Diary
Knapp, Leonora

The GD website discusses the coding of LK in its editorial notes for the person...

Godwin Diary

HCR diary 18.3.1832 "went to the Aders - the Knights were there"

Crabb Robinson Diary
Knight, com

call on Knight, com 12.4.1804 with M(arshall)
The com probably stood for comedian so this...

Godwin Diary
Knight, Mrs

1.10.1806 Mrs Knight at Wolcot's / 18.5.1807 Knight (Camden Town) calls / 17.6.1807 Knight jr...

Godwin Diary
Knight, Richard

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Richard Knight 21 Poland St...

Greater Soho
Knight, Robert

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION; Robert Knight of Welbeck Strret, Cavendish Square...

Godwin Diary, Society of Constitutional Information

Knighton 28.5.1803 / 3.3.1809 Dr Knighton at Joseph Johnson's / 2.2.1810 again / 14.12.1810...

Godwin Diary
Knowles, Helena

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Knowles & MacDonald  36 Poland...

Greater Soho
Knowles, Mary

mrs Knowles 8.12.1794 see at Thelwal's trial / 18.12.1794 at Foulkes' / 22.11.1800 at Carlisle's...

Godwin Diary
Knowlson, George

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
George Knowlson 39 Poland St (...

Greater Soho
Knowlys, Newman

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION Newman Knowlys of Essex Court, Temple proposed member 17....

Society of Constitutional Information

Dr Knox 9.11.1791 at Bosse's / Knox 13.1.1802 at Wycombe's / 6.9.1821 Knox dies / 27.6.1828 call...

Godwin Diary