Amyot, Thomas

HCR diary 19.9.1819 "I walked afterwards to Mrs Smith - Amyot with me - she was not at home"
                    23.4.1820 "to Amyots with whom I dined" "Amyot's increasing toryism renders his conversation sometimes unpleasant" "R.A. has undertaken to ascertain at the Navy Office whether Lieut Kelly Mrs     Smith's first husband be alive or not"
                    26.4.1820 "called on Amyot expecting an answer from Richard A to questions he was to put at the Admiralty about the life or death of Lieut Kelly the first husband of Mrs Smith and he afterwards informed me that K was lately alive, unpleasant news, as Mrs Smith is soon to marry my friend"
                    Thomas Amyot (DNB 1775-1850) and for his early friendship with Crabb Robinson see Youth and Revolution in the 1790s, Corfield & Evans (1996). His brother Richard Garrett Amyot born 7.3.1783 Norwich, half pay Lt Royal Marines died 25.4.1860 at Halliford nr Chertsey in his 78th year, his widow Mary died 1.1.1863 there in her 80th year. Mrs Smith was Eliza (later Aders). See my background article "3 Wives, 3 Husbands Living"