mrs Angerstein & Miss Locke 1.3.1800 adv at Jas Moore's / 17.5.1800  Hoare (Angerstein, Boydel, Gilpin, Beechey) at Milton Gallery / 24.6.1813 Angerstein's, fr.  with A & W Curran / 30.6.1813 Angerstein's, fr. / 7.7.1813 Angerstein's, with W & A Curran / 30.3.1826 Angerstein's, with W / 20.4.1826 call with M W S, on Northcote, & Angerstein's
Godwin probably never met John Julius Angerstein DNB 1732-1823 nor his son John MP (Hist of Parl1774-1858), as the name was bracketed at the Milton Gallery in 1800 and the later visits to Angerstein's were probably to his art collection, see the construction of the last entry above. John Angerstein junior married Amelia dau of William Lock of Norbury Park, Surrey on 2.10.1799 and she was probably the visitor, with her aunt or sister, at James Moore's in 1800. Her mother in law Eliza (nee Payne) John Julius' second wife, died on 8.3.1800 (Sun 13.3.1800)