Ansell, George

George Ansell Esq of Lambert St, Goodmans Fields proposed 11.5.1792 by John Farnell Tuffin 2nded William Sharpe of Leadenhall St (probably him, and not the engraver William Sharpe, as Tuffin had proposed WS of Leadenhall St the previous month).
Sugar refiner with partner Robert Dewes SunFire 1793 77 Lambeth St, Goodmans Fields / Lease 1795 Rupert Ally (Whitechapel?) / lease 1796 Goodmans Fields / SunFire 1803 Osborn St Whitechapel / lease 1806 John St Minories / lease 1811 Hackney Grove / SunFire 1821 Osborne St, Whitechapel. Steward of Revolution Society 1791.Subscr £2.11s for assisting France 16.11.1792 and signed Declaration of Friends of the Liberty of the Press 1792
Others? of same name / GA, PCC 1797 calico printer. madder and snuff mills, Carshalton Surrey, his sons GA and Charles Augustus Ansell went bankrupt 1815 and 1826 / GA, Newton St Holborn carpenter (SunFire 1817, 1820) Turks Row Chelsea glass and earthenwareman (SunFire 1827) Gt Queen St, Lincolns Inn carpenter & dealer in shop fixtures (SunFire 1828, 1832) / GA, 27 Savile Pl Mile End gent & Eliz, Sophia & Mary Ansell (SunFire 1827) / GA, watch spring maker White Cross Alley Shoreditch bankrupt 1801 will PCC 1828 bur 10.5.1828 St Leonard Shoreditch age 77 wife Martha (perhaps = Martha Crookes 25.12.1791 St Marylebone) / GA, gent of Colchester St, Savage Gdns, London will PCC 1837 = Eleanor Hosmer 1784 at Maidstone - their dau Elizabeth Jane bapt  Whitechapel 1789 and in 1814 she (of St John Hackney) = Thomas Marshall of St Michael Cornhill ther (by 1837 of Birmingham)