Armstrong, William

see Poland Street number not known in London Addresses dataset
Wm Armstrong SunFire 1779 hairdresser Henrietta St, Cavendish Sq / Wm Armstrong SunFire 1781 hairdresser King St Golden sq / Wm Armstrong SunFire 1782 hairdesser Poland St / (Wm Armstrong SunFire 1785 Great Castle St, Oxford St / Wm Armstrong SunFire 1786 Titchfield St Soho) / SunFire 1789 John Chappell hairdresser Margate, other property near the Pier, Margate (Wm Armstrong, hairdresser) / will PCC 18.11.1817 William Armstrong hairdresser St Marylebone / Elizabeth dau of William & Elizabeth Armstrong bapt 17.7.1775 St James / William base born son of William Armstrong & Elizabeth Gilmore bapt 1.6.1777 St James