4.10.1793 Mrs Armstrong adv at Jennings / 6.10.1793 Armstrong at Holcroft's / 5.11.1794 at Perry's / 11.1.1795 at Holcroft's / 23.11.1795 at House of Commons / 3.1.1796 at theatre / 16.5.96 at Debrett's / 4.12.1796 at Holcroft's (& Ballandine) / 9.1.1797 at Debrett's.
May have been John Armstrong DNB 1771-97 who was listed by Anthony Pasquin as the theatre critic of the Morning Chronicle who would therefore have been in context at Perry's and the theatre, and probably wrote political reports as well, hence Debrett's and the House of Commons. However according to the DNB he died in Scotland in 1797 so he cannot have been at Holcroft's on 24.8.1798, and Holcroft's diary of 1798 referred to Mr Armstrong's opinions on his health. This might have been either Charles Armstrong, listed in Medical Society 1779, surgeon Gt Russell St, Bloomsbury, his will PCC 1815, buried St James Piccadilly 28.1.1815 Dr Charles Armstrong from Ealing age 65 ceremony performed by J Armstrong; or Thomas Armstrong surgeon, will PCC 1830, buried St Marylebone 7.1.1830 of Baker St age 67. The entries at Holcroft's in 1793 & 1795 could also have been the surgeon, but in the letter of 1799 from James Ballantyne to Godwin (Abinger c5 f11-12) he says he was introduced to Holcroft's by the late Mr Armstrong. 8.7.1800 Kings Bench McGrain v Armstrong (in Ireland)
John Armstrong signed declaration of Friends to Liberty of Press 1792, Rev John Armstrong MA Temple subscribed to Towers 1795
Boyle's 1792 A Armstrong Esq 52 Wimpole St / Armstrong Esq 10 Percy St