Ashburnham 29.7.1798 at Horne Tooke's / 11.3.1824 write to E of Ashburnham
John Ashburnham 2nd Earl of Ashburnham died 1812. This was perhaps his son George Ashburnham, 3rd Earl who died 1830, as Godwin was more likely to have written to someone he had once met. See his son George 1785-1813 Hist of Parl & Farington diary

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William A 1739-1823 Hist of Parl MP Hastings 1760-74, 5th bart 1797 / Rev Charles A will PCC 1807 / Frances A wife Eaton St Pimlico will PCC 1803 / Rev Denny A of Catfield sussex / Joseph A upholder Mercer St St Martin i t Fields voted Fox 1784