Ashmore. Thomas

Thomas Ashmore junior of King St, Cheapside proposed 7.3.1794 by Thomas Wardle 2nded Stewart Kyd. Sun Fire 1792 TA, TA jr, John Keeling & Nathaniel Laing 32 King St Cheapside warehousemen. Probably not the same as Thomas Ashmore gent of Swithins Lane Sun Fire 1780, banrupt merchant of Swithins La 1797 cert 1798 divs 1805, 1808, nor the same as TA Esq of Powis Pl = Liverpool 1819 will PCC 1856 of Bolton St Piccadilly. A Thomas Ashmore of Farringdon Ward without was listed in game certs 1809. Perhaps TA sr, warehouseman, was the TA bur 10.10.1800 Hackney age 68 and perhaps TA jr was Thomas s of Thomas Ashmore bapt 1.1.1768 St Lawrence Jewry born 21.11.1767.There was a TA chemist of Snow Hill SunFire 1812-1816 and a TA merchant of 78 Cornhill SunFire 1834-1838.