Ashpinshaw, John

John Ashpinshaw at conference 17.4.1789 / John Ashpinshaw otp bach = 8.12.1757 by lic St Botolph Aldgate Sarah Locke sp of St Helen London minor / John A of John & Sarah, Castle St, St Mary Whitechapel bapt 14.6.1761 /  Lydia A of John & Sarah, Kirby St, St Andrew Holborn bapt 10.2.1771 /  will PCC 13.10.1798 John A whitesmith of Leather Lane Holborn dated 1..7.1795 wife Sarah sons Joseph, Thomas / Rev John Aspinshaw of Notts d.1851 his son? /  SunFire 1834 John A 3 New Russel St, Bedford St, Commercial Rd, gent / In Thale p302, 410n, 429 there was an Aspinshaw in the London Corresponding Society, in Div 65 in 1795, chairman of Div 3 in 1797, escaped arrest 1798