28.3.1795 Atkins's adv at Adams' / 25.9.1799 Astley's w. Fell; Atkins & Demon's Tribunal / 2.12.1807 miss Atkins calls, F Buildings / 25.2.1809 mrs Atkins at S Beresford's
Mr Atkins at Astley's was a ventriloquist, according to the Oracle of 6.7.1799 Astley engaged him for 12 nights at a fee of 100 guineas, but he appeared at Astleys all summer until October when the company went to Dublin. Highfill, Burnim & Langhans have Michael Atkins d.1812 Dublin & William Atkins 1763-1831 singer & actor Drury Lane but no mention of ventriloquism and he was probably neither of those. The event tag for the theatre in GD website leads to a blank page. The Daemon's Tribunal, or Harlequin's Enterprizes was a "new superb comic pantomime by Mr Astley, jr"
Mr A clerk to Clockmakers' Company, Pauls Head Cateaton St
Mr Francis A, Laudable Socy for Accountants, bottom of Bartholomew La
Abraham Atkins of Clapham subscr 1792 to Robt Robinson Eccles. Res. His father Abraham PCC 1742 founded charity for Protestant Dissenting Ministers. He died PCC 1792 of Kingston Lisle, Berks succeeded by nephew Edwin Martin A, PCC 1799