Audley, John

John Audley of Cambridge proposed 6.2.1784 by Michael Pearson 2nded John Jebb.  Born 16.7.1750 and bapt 2.1.1750 St Ives, Hunts, independent, of John & Eliz Audley.  JA woolstapler, Cambridge Oct 1765 4% annuities (source lost) took apprs 1771, 1784 (Nat Arch IR/1),. JA Cambridge subscr 1777 to Poems of John Auther. His father's will PCC 1779 Cambridge. JA Cambridge associator 1780 (see London Evening Post 9.3.1780 &c). JA Cambridge subscr 1781 to John Locke publ Cambridge.subscr 1782 to John Moxon's Agreeable Companion subscr 1784 tos Stephen Addington's Life of Paul subscr 1788 to Gordon's America subscr 1788 to Job Orton's Old Testament subscr 1790 to Robt Robinson's History of Baptism subscr 192 to Robt Robinsons Eccl. Researches subscr 1795 to John Banks' Treatise on Mills 1795 JA treasurer of associated dissenting ministers in Cambs 1795 Director of Missionary Socy London, 1798 Rev JA Cambridge Director of Missionary Society, JA Cambridge subscr 1796 to Habbakuk Crabb's Sermons George Dyer's Memoirs of Robert Robinson (1796) p. x  JA "in connexion with the constitutional society formed at Cambridge".  JA  of Cambridge author of "A Companion to the Almanack, containing an explanation of the saints days and holydays" (preface dated 4.12.1802), though this may not seem his field (he referred on p iv to it being seen by some as an odd subject for a dissenter), it was advertised in 1807 by J Mawman along with Evening Amusements (on astronomy) by Willam Frend DNB 1757-1841, and both works ran to several editions. He mentioned in the book his friends William Lepard of London and Olinthus Gregory maths teacher of Cambridge; the printer was Francis Hodson of Cambridge. Exeter Flying Post 6.9.1821 Rev Hy Bromley of Appledore, Devon married at St James Clerkenwell  miss Joanna Vassa, ward of John Audley Esq of Cambridge (she was the daughter of Olaudah Equiano DNB c1745-1847 aka Gustavus Vassa  & his wife Susanna nee Cullen d.1796 of Soham,Cambs). In Vassa's will PCC 1797 he made John Audley and Edward Ind both of Cambridge his execs. John Audley was a witness at Joanna's wedding 28.8.1821 to Henry Bromley of Northam Devon.  Bury & Norwich Post 2.5.1827 on Saturday last at Stoke Newington after a long illness in his 75th year upwards of half a century a most respectable inhabitant of (Cambridge) Jackson's Oxford Journal said age 77. Joanna Bromley was in 1841 census with her husband at Clavering, Essex and in 1851 census at Stowmarket not with him but described as his wife. She died Hackney 1857.