Austin, Sarah

HCR diary 16.2.1826 "after dinner to Austin's"
                    25.11.1828 at Mrs Aders' "she gave me an account of Mrs Austin which surprised me but which Sutton Sharpe has confirmed viz: that her intimacies with several men had even injured her reputation and that Mrs Aders gave no credit to the reports yet Sharpe from Goff does"
                    16.11.1833  "N.B. called on Hayward he talked freely about Mrs A: It seems Pr: was her lover and that Hellar is a cast off lover. But I doubt all this".
These entries probably referred to Sarah Austin nee Taylor (DNB 1793-1867). Sutton Sharpe born 6.8.1797 eldest son of Sutton Sharpe, brewer (1756-1806) and his second wife Maria, sister of Samuel Rogers (DNB 1763-1855), admitted Middle Temple 1817, called to bar 1822, admitted Lincolns Inn 1829, and died 22.2.1843 aged 45 (Standard 24.2.1843). Pr was probably Robinson's friend and Italian teacher, the translator and Italian patriot Fortunato Prandi (d.1868). Hayward was probably Abraham Hayward (DNB 1801-1884). Who Hellar was I've no idea yet. Robert Goff, called to bar Lincolns Inn 20.11.1828 and died 27.3.1866 at Rome, was a noted collector of ivory carvings, remained a bachelor, see Sarah Maud Heckford (DNB 1839-1903) his niece. He was the youngest of six sons of Joseph Goff, merchant of Dublin, three of his older brothers, Richard, George and William were also admitted at Lincolns Inn. The Examiner of 21.7.1833 reported the death in Malta on 2.6.1833 of Richard Goff "one of the originators of the Jurist and the principal contributor". Sharpe, Goff and Hayward were all barristers and bachelors like Robinson and their gossip should be seen in that context.