Bailey 17.1.1795 at Powel's / 31.1.1795 again / 2.2.1795 at Thelwal's / 12.2.1795 at Gerald's / 11.5.1804 Bailey adv at R Taylor's / 1.8.1804 Bailey (Turk) at (Joseph) Johnson's / 17.1.1809 Bailey, athee calls / 30.6.1809 Bailey calls / 15.11.1812 Bailey at (Walking) Stewart's
Thanks Jon Mee for bringing Citizen Bailey to my attention (see comment below). The Friends of Liberty met at Shacklewell 20.7.1795, William Toone chairman, Joseph Burks secretary and Bailey delivered his lectures The White Devils Uncased, and Prince Brothers's Scarlet Devils Displayed, at sections 2 and 7 of the Friends of Liberty. They were printed and sold at radical bookstores including T Spence, F Place and D I Eaton. (White devils were priests and scarlet devils were nobles). A handwritten note on top of the copy of Scarlet Devils (in Eighteenth Century Collections Online) states that F Ward of 41 Dean St was prosecuted for selling it, the poetry was considered the most obnoxious part. The 4 entries in 1795 were likely Citizen Bailey and some of the other entries above may have been him, particularly the 1809 athee (atheist) entry, the ony time Godwin referred to a person that way.
J C Bailey signed the Declaration of Friends to Liberty of the Press 1792, as did many London Corresp Socy members, but have found nothing more about him. Most of the few LCS members Godwin met were at Powell's or Thelwall's. As Jon Mee pointed out below there was an LCS member named Peter Bailey but I've found nothing more on that name. No reason to think this was Dr Baillie whom Godwin met at Miss Williams' in 1789/90 and whose family Godwin at first spelt Bailey but later spelt Baillie. Some of the later Baileys referred to Godwin's married niece or her family (see Bailey, Mary). There were no Baileys in the diary between 1812 and 1831 when F Bailey and T N Bailey appeared, so I have ignored them until I reach that end of the diary (if ever). Francis Baily DNB 1774-1844 stockbroker and astronomer was probably referred to on 22.1.1821 when Lamb "reports the opinion of Baily Fra" and perhaps on 19.5.1831 call on Baily


I think this is likley to be the Citizen Bailey who became a member of the Friends of Liberty (seceders from the LCS in 1795). See the title page below. A Peter Bayley was a member of Div 25 on 26 Feb 1794 and he may be the same person


thanks Jon I had seen these pamphlets before but didn't notice the connection when writing up Bailey, I've amended the entry above but still hope to find a little more about Bailey