call on Baillie 29.11.1805  / 11.10.1818 Baillie dines / 30.11.1826 call on Baillie at Tower (adv Grimaldi). Grimaldi & Upcot / 7.12.1826 call on Baillie (Tower)
The first two entries above could well belong to Matthew Baillie DNB 1761-1823 who has a person record in the GD website but these two entries have been left uncoded. Particularly the first as it was followed by a call on Carlisle another medical man. I have not discovered who the Baillie at the Tower was but he was very probably an archivist or antiquary, Grimaldi was probably Stacey Grimaldi DNB 1790-1863 and Upcot was probably William Upcott DNB 1779-1845, both antiquaries and both are linked on the GD website to a blank person record.