HCR diary 25.1.1832 the Aders gave a The Dansant at Willis Rooms "Many of the company were in fancy dresses - The two Miss Baldwins as ladies of the time of Geo II one being supposed to be Lady Grandison - the other in the actual dress of the great grandmother of Mrs Baldwin" "I chatted with .... Baldwin"
                     2.12.1839 "Camberwell friends,,,, I lunched with the Baldwins"
                     24.5.1844 "wrote notes on that account to ..... and Mrs Baldwin" (meaning the Aders financial troubles in Italy)
Charles Baldwin (DNB 1774-1869) newspaper proprietor, married at Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey on 27.3.1798 Elizabeth Ann Laurents (who died 12.2.1851 in her 74th year) daughter of the Rev Hugh Laurents and his wife Elizabeth. They had fifteen children and lived at Grove Hill Camberwell from around 1830 to 1840. Of their daughters, Emma Ann born 1798 died unmarried 11.11.1818 / Charlotte Eliza born 1801 married Michael Smith 19.8.1840 / Mary Sophia born 1805 married George Chenevix, surgeon-major in the Coldstream Guards (Champion 15.9.1839) /Georgina Ann born 1807 died unmarried at Brighton on 20.9.1846 / Ann Eliza married George Chaplin Child MD on 23.7.1850 / Frances Henrietta born 1815 died unmarried 1902 / Louisa Elizabeth born 1820 died unmarried 12.10.1906 (on her baptism record at Twickenham was written "ninth daughter" so I must be missing two but perhaps they died in infancy). And see my entry for Lawrence, Miss - their aunt