Blackburn, William

17.2.1789 Blackburne at Hollis' and 16.3.1789, Mr Blackburne 22.4.1789 there, Dr Blackburne 1.5.1789 at House of Commons, Blackburne 9.6.1789 and 19.1.1790 at Hollis', Blackburnes at Newton's 14.1.1796. William Blackburne MD of Spring Gardens and Mr William Blackburn of St Olaves, Southwark both appear in a list of subscribers to Hackney College 1788. Dr B (Monk's Roll 25.10.1755 to 9.4.1835) was a member of the Unitarian Society 1791, and son of Francis Blackburne DNB 1705-87. Mr B was a surveyor and architect DNB 1750-90 and a member of the Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade 1788. All the above dates probably refer to Dr B except 22.4.1789 which is Mr B