17.1.1806 tea at Rowan's w. Brackenburys / 14.2.1806 Brackenbury theatre / 4.3.1806 Rowan's w. Brackenburys & many / 28.5.1907 Brackenbury calls (not seen) / 29.5.1807 Brackenburys invited to dine at Godwin's with Rowan &c
Most Brackenburys were from a Lincolnshire landed gentry family. Charles Brackenbury 1751-1816 of Fludyer St Westminster voted Fox 1780, gave 5gns for relief of American prisoners Public Advertiser 14.1.1778 his will PCC 7.6.1816. Langley Brackenbury 1759-1835 married Elizabeth Perkins 7.5.1796 St Bart the Less London his will PCC 21.2.1835 Brighton. Most of Hamilton Rowan's guests had some irish connection but I could find none for the Brackenburys..