4.3.1806 Chamillys at Rowan's (with a party of 30 or more)

No clear identification. A seigneur de Chamilly was valet de chambre to Louis XVI of France and was guillotined in 1794, but his son lived to 1827 (Hoefer, Nouvelle Biographie). Holden's 1811 directory listed a John Chamilly, surgeon, Ireland.  Peter Francis Venault de Chamilly was a coal merchant of Somerset Street, Marylebone who owned a distillery at Paddington Green, and went bankrupt (Morn Post 25.3.1808, Morn Chron 13.6.1808).  Dorcas de Chamilly was buried at St Marylebone 4.8.1818 age 53. The name Venault de Chamilly occurs in the history of Jérémie in Haiti (see J C Fanini, I am within the Crowd).