Clark, Richard

7.7.1807 accompany T(homas) T(urner) to Clark / 29.10.1897 call on Clark / 11.1.1809 call on Clark, chamberlain; adv.Walker / 12.4.1813 call on Clark, chamberlain
Richard Clark, chamberlain of London (DNB 1739-1831) was presumably the last two entries above, and may have also been the first two (if not, I regard them as too hard to identify because the name is so common).
19.7.1811 M(ary) J(ane) calls on Eves, Davison, Macmillan, Pheney, Clarke & Butterworth / 4.4.1816 call on Clarke & Boyd, Middleton & Jo(seph) G(odwin) / 14.12.1822 call on Purland, Clarke & mrs Ayrton / 7.2.1823 call on Clarke, Picadilly, for Toswill
I've put these together here as the rest of the Clarke entries. SunFire 1820 Messrs Clark, Boyd & French 44 Skinner-st Snow-hill wholesale linen drapers (note the & between Clarke and Boyd, usually Godwin put the & before the last in a list). Most of the names that Mrs Godwin visited when Godwin was ill on 19.7.1811 were printers or booksellers, but too many possible Clarkes. SunFire 1828 John Paterson Clarke 5 Sackville-st Piccadilly, dentist. SunFire 1835 Purland, dentist 23 Wilson-st Finsbury (Marshall Purland dentist)