Dalrymple, John Hamilton Mackill

Dalrymple 8.10.1794 at Bird's / 9.10.1794 at Johnson's.
Sir John Hamilton MacKill Dalrymple DNB 1777-1853. Married 23.6.1795 at Kenilworth Henrietta, eldest daughter of Rev Robert Augustus Johnson; she d.1823. He served in Flanders 1794-5 (presumably after October). Whig MP for Midlothian from 1812

Work notes: 
Col Dalrymple proposed SCI 29.6.1792 by Lord Sempill 2nded Tooke, LCS (Thale) 13.12 1792 Col dalrymple of Edinburgh determined to have a parliamentary reform, Lt Col William Dalrymple of Fordell 1st president of Scottish Friends of the People Alexander D High St Marylebone subscr to Cox's Voyage 1791