meet Daly 15.7.1800. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 / 23.7.1800 dines / 25.7.1800 at Hamilton's (all in Ireland) / 26.9.1806 meet Reynolds (Daly & Headfort) with Curran / 21.6.1810 Daly calls / 6.7.1810 again
Anthony Daly Hist Irish Parl 1725-1810 Grattan supporter / Rt Hon Denis Bowes Daly Dict Irish Biog 1745-1821 anti-union = 1780 sister of George Ponsonby DNB 1755-1817 / brothers of Denis Bowes Daly, Peter D 1769-1846 pro-union but pro-Catholic, Rt Hon St George Daly 1758-1827 pro-union / Richard Daly DNB 1758-1813 actor & theatre manager / 1798 subs to D R O'Conor Col. Peter Daly Grafton St Dublin, Edward Daly Ballyshannon Donegal, William Daly Dingle Kerry, Owen Daly Castle Bellingham co. Louth, Joseph Daly Cork, Charles Daly MD Cork / 1795 subs to Samuel Whyte DNB 1734-1811 Richard Daly Esq Harcourt St, & Whyte's former pupils James Daly Esq & Mrs Daly
For 1806 entry consider Thomas Reynolds DNB 1771-1836 informer, was in London 1803-1810. But more likely (as GD website have coded it) Frederic Reynolds DNB 1764-1841 who met Curran with Godwin a number of times between 1800 and 1813. Names in brackets could well mean Reynolds told a story of Daly & Headfort. Curran had defended the Marquis of Headfort on a charge of criminal conversation (adultery) in 1804 and Godwin had noted reading Headfort's Trial on 29.11.1804