HCR diary 8.6.1826 at Aders "Beuthe, a finance minister, who has the air of a superior man - Schenkel the architect to the King of Prussia - also apparently a very superior man and a Col. Dunkelman -insignificant"
In Schinkel's English Journey ed. Bindman and Riemann, Schinkel referred often to Count Dancklemann, who was travelling with him and Beuth. In Glasgow they also met a Herr Dancklemann. Strangely Bindman and Riemann seem to have omitted any identifying note on Dancklemann in their copious and useful notes. It was probably Heinrich Wilhelm August Alexander, Graf von Danckelmann 1768-1830 who was Prussian Minister of Justice from 1825 till 1830. Even in German biographical sources he gets very little mention so perhaps Robinson's comment on his insignificance was felt by many. See Schinkel in Crabb Robinson Diary dataset