Darby, Mary &c

SWEDENBORGIANS:  Baptisms at New Jerusalem Chapel: Mary Darby born 16.3.1767 of Israel & Mary bapt 23.10.1791 same day as her future husband William Butter (QV*) / Elizabeth Darby of Thomas & Mary of Norwich bapt 17.7.1796 / Margaret Darby born Dec 1777 of Israel & Mary bapt 28.5.1797
Mary Darby bapt 5.4.1767 St Botolph w/out Aldgate of Israel & Mary / Mary Darby = St Geo Bloomsbury 16.2.1794 William Butter / Mary Butter buried Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Spa Fields 12.12.1838 age 71 of St James Clerkenwell / Margaret Darby = Soho 19.2.1804 John Grayson (Margaret Grayson from Holborn buried 1830 Spa Fields age 51, John Grayson will PCC1849 Swedenborgian) / Israel s of Israel & Mary Darby bapt 29.5.1768 St Botolph w/out Aldgate / Israel s of Israel & Mary Darby bapt 22.1.1775 St Gregory Norwich / Israel Darby wid = St Martin at Oak Norwich 28.7.1794 Sarah Warner wid / Israel Darby bur 1.10.1813 St Martin at Oak
Elizabeth dau of Thomas & Mary Darby bapt 23.4.1775 Melton Magna, Norfolk / Thomas Darby worsted weaver St Geo Tombland Norwich voted 1780 Harbord & Windham 1786 & 1787 Beevor / Thomas Darby worsted weaver of St Peter Parmintergate Norwich voted 1794 Windham 1796 Hobart & Windham 1799 Frere / Thomas Darby whitesmith of St Clements Norwich voted 1786 & 1787 Hobart 1790 Hobart 1796 Hobart & Windham 1799 Frere
There was also Sarah Darby who married Henry Peckitt (QV*) (62 yr old widower and Swedenborgian) at Soho 11.9.1796 and William Butter was a witness at the wedding. Ancestry user-submitted tree has her as another child of Israel & Mary Darby bapt at St Botolph Aldgate 1769. She died as Sarah wife of Charles Jenkins on 4.8.1816 at Brightlingsea, Essex aged 47 (Intellectual Repository 1816/7 p254). I couldn't find direct evidence of her infant or adult baptism but it seems very plausible that she was a sister of Mary and Margaret Darby 


Sarah Darby can be found as Sarah Dauby daughter of Israel and Mary Dauby in the christening record of St Botolph, Aldgate for 8th December 1769.