see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
ad 1790 Count D'Arnoux physician and oculist 57 Great Poland St / will PCC 2.11.1796 dated 12.4.1796 of John Arnoux occulist of Bridge Rd Lambeth late of Racket St, St Margaret in the suburbs of St Anthony Paris where he owned a "manufactory of ropes on improved principles, capstans, fire engine, land & navy pumps, a machine of a new construction for making flowered or damask cloths and a flower mill going by weights" "spinning wheel invented by me on a new construction" absent from France since 1789, left half the profits to his four workers there, residue to Mary Cole widow of Bridge Rd Lambeth (who was perhaps the Mary Arnoux widow will PCC 1838) / JFM Arnoux wrote twice to Sir Joseph Banks in Sept 1793 / John Lewis son of John Arnoux & Ann bapt 27.3.1791 St James / John Arnoux bur 21.4.1796 Lambeth