SWEDENBORGIANS:  Baptisms at New Jerusalem chapel bapt 7.2.1796 John s of Benjamin & Jane Darwin born 24.5.1760 Linton Craven, Yorks / Jane Frances of John & Ann Darwin born 21.1.1796 "dead" bapt 22.4.1796 / Ann of John & Ann Darwin born 4.5.1794 bapt 21.7.1797 / Ann Darwin dau of William & Ann Stockdale born 15.9.1766 bapt 4.2.1798 / John of John & Ann Darwin born 22.10.1799 bapt 17.11.1799 / Intellectual Repository New Series vol 1 p169 Mr John Darwin of Newington Butts died 7.11.1823 in 64th year particularly attached to Rev M Sibly
John Darwin bach = St Marylebone 11.6.1791 Ann Stockdale sp otp banns / Ann born 4.5.1794 dau of John & Ann Darwen was also bapt St James Piccadilly 31.5.1794 / Ann dau of William Stockdale bapt 7.10.1766 Sherburn in Elmet, Yorks / John Darwin witness 21.2.1806 to will of Henry Peckitt (QV*) of Soho PCC 1808 / John Darwin bur 12.11.1823 Newington St Mary age 63 of Gloucester Row / John Darwin Land Tax Gloucester Row Newington from 1810 / Ann Darwin 1841 census Gloucester Row age 70, 1851 census 28 Tonbridge St, St Pancras age 84 born Sherburn, Yorks  her death 1853 2nd Qtr / possibly the John Darwin hosier of Bentinck St who voted 1806 Sheridan & Paull and was listed in ratebooks there 1796 to 1813 / a John Darwin was in ratebooks at Davies St, St Geo Han Sq in 1815 

Work notes: 
John Darwin & Thomas White wholesale hosiers of Milk St bankrupt 28.6.1817 (SunFire 1813 hosier & warehouseman 5 Clements Court Milk St) / SunFire 1814 John Darwin & Richard Clark 16 Old Change whalebone cutters



 Submitted by David Darwin on Thu, 01/01/2015 - 11:55.

I began looking into my Darwin family's history in December when I came across your blog on Sewenborgians - Darwins. The Darwins you mentioned are my family, so the copied records from the long most family bible say.
The mystery your story addressed from our perspective is why did the Darwin's come from Linton in Craven to London, and then a generation later go to South Australia?, or were the copied records wrong?
Ive gone through the Darrington Parish records (bless google for digitising the Mormon 1903 index of the parish records) and what you see there is Benjamin and John Darwent, as per the father and son n your blog. Benjamin's dad jacob died when he was still 4 years old so presumable he was brought up bu relatives (the maiden Aunt, there was one!), married, had children then left. To go from illiterate, poor .. 300km to London, the a generation 16000 km to Kapunda South Australia to be a telegraph operator and Post Master, literate presumably) takes some boldness or desperation.
I'd appreciate it if you could pass on the record sources you used as you are providing confirmation of the family story with some degree of independence.
David Darwin

hello David Darwin. nearly all my sources above can be got on Ancestry Library edition, except for the Intellectual Repository obituary of John Darwin which I read in an old volume in the Bodleian Library which may perhaps be available online as well. My first paragraph is stuff from the New Jerusalemite Chapel registers, the next paragraph has stuff from various Anglican registers that fits in with the dates. Was it John son of John & Ann born 1799 who went to Australia? Why do you think they were poor and illiterate in Yorkshire? To have kept family records in a bible generally meant someone in the family could write. So many people came to London from rural areas in that era, there may have been boldness or desperation but how can we know? Except perhaps by finding out more and more about them. I'm pretty sure all the members of the Swedenborgian church would have been literate. Reasons for going to Australia were diverse, idealism or having an unusual and progressive religious faith might have been among them. 
Ed Pope