Davis/Davies after 1805

meet Davis 13.9.1805 / 17.12.1805 Wilks, London Coffee House, adv Davis / 26.2.1806 Davis & R Sharp breakfast
30.12.1807 Davis from Sir F(rancis) B(urdett) calls / 7.1.1808 Davis calls / 8.1.1808 write to Davis / 11.1.1808 letter from Davis / 13.1.1808 Davis calls, sign
6.9.1808 call on Davis
22.4.1809 Davis, attorney calls (see work notes below for Davis, attorney possibles)
29.4.1809 write to M L Davis = Matthew L Davis of New York c1776-1850 (Allibone), author of Memoirs of Aaron Burr 1836-7. Four days earlier Godwin had noted "Burr, ppc", then he didn't see Burr for two and a half years
6.5.1809 Davis calls
2.4.1810 dr & mr Davis at Tipper's (see work notes for dr Davis possibles)
17.8.1810 J Davis calls / 22.9.1810 again / 27.9.1810 write to J Davis / 9.10.1810 J Davis calls / 6.11.1810 again / 3.12.1810 again / 7.12.1810 again
9.4.1812 (Bright &) Davies (call) / 11.4.1812 Davies calls / 13.4.1812 again
14.3.1813 miss Davis at Hume's
19.4.1820 call on Davis (for Wolfe & Edwards)
16.1.1821 3 Davies's at Aldis's
11.7.1830 mesd Davies at E Leigh's / 9.9.1830 mesd Leighs, Davies, & Hamilton, & Jones at tea
16.2.1832 Hart Davis at Gent's City Conversazione = probably Richard Hart Davis Hist of Parl 1766-1842 Bristol woolstapler & Tory MP mentioned in Farington's diary as a big art spender but lost much of his wealth in 1819 (the others present at Gent's were mostly artists including Henry Behnes Burlowe 1802-1837 Dict Brit Sculptors whose bust of Richard Hart Davis was exhibited at Suffolk Street Galleries in 1831) or less likely his son Hart Davis Hist of Parl 1791-1854 also Tory in politics but by 1832 no longer MP but Commissioner of Excise and Fellow of Royal Society and was a pallbearer at the funeral of Sir Thomas Lawrence DNB 1769-1830 the artist
6.11.1832 write to M A Davies / 7.11.1832 call on M A Davies / 11.11.1832 again / 12.11.1832 again (see work notes below for some possibles)
29.1.1834 dr Davis at Hume's (see work notes below for Dr Davis possibles)
These are all the Davis and Davies entries from 1805 in Godwin's diary. Some may have belonged to a Davis who appeared earlier in the diary (see Davis, Jonas (d1827) / Davis, William (d.unknown) / Davis from Virginia (d1854)). Bear in mind that Davis is a common name and Davies even more so.

Work notes: 
M A Davies, PCC wills 1857 Mary Ann Davies spinster of Kentish Town / 1849 Mary Ann Davies widow of Tenby / 1834 Mary Ann Davies wife of Burdock, Cornwall / 1851 Mary Ann Davies spinster of Machynlleth / 1843 Mary Albina Sladen Davis of Worcester / 1857 Mary Ann Davis spinster of Regents Park Monk's Roll David D Davis 1778-1841 midwife in London 1813-1841 / John Bunnell Davis died 1824 prisoner in France 1803-1806, Universal Dispensary for Children St Andrews Hill Doctors Commons founded 1816 / John Ford Davis 1772-1864 born, practiced and died in Bath / Thomas Davies of New Broad St 1792-1839 practised in London from 1824 till his death / (not in Monk's) Dr Benjamin Goodwin Davis of Albion Pl Blackfriars Rd will PCC 1840 his widow Catherine died 1874 and his dau Emily Catherine Lamotte Davis died 1893 age 68 Law List 1808 London attorneys John Davis 7 New Inn / John Davis 20 Essex St Strand / Benjamin Davis Tooks Court Chancery Lane / F Davis & D Reardon, Corner Court Gracechurch St / George Davis 12 Warwick St Golden Sq / Edward Davis Millbank Row / Philip Davis 3 Hare Ct Temple / Philip Davis cryer Court of Exchequer / Nathaniel Davis vestry clerk St Mgts Westmr