Davy, Martin

29.3.1796 at Holcroft's / 9.7.1796 at March's Norwich / 25.4.1798 calls on Godwin / 25.6.1798 again / 17.6.1799 Godwin called on Porson, adv Dr Davy
Martin Davy DNB 1763-1839. He was a friend of Dr Samuel Parr's, became Doctor of Medicine in 1797, and was said to have been a religious sceptic though he later became a clergyman. He was abroad in Europe as tutor to Lord Ossulston for two years, perhaps at the time of the first entry above, but I haven't looked closely enough to identify the dates of that tour. The only entry above which was very likely him was the Dr Davy in 1799. The entry in 1796 at Holcroft's and the two calls in 1798 have been coded on the GD website to Humphry Davy but he appeared in the 1796 list for 1799 in sequence to fit the call of Coleridge & Davy on 4.12.1799. The Norwich entry in 1796 is not underlined on the GD website but leads to a blank page