Fenwick, Thomas James

Brother of John Fenwick. The bankruptcy announcement in the London Gazette of 1803 said Thomas James Fenwick, linen draper of Penzance. Thomas James Fenwick, tailor and slop-seller of Fore St, St Anne Limehouse, appeared in 1825 and 1829 in Old Bailey proceedings (oldbaileyonline, t18250519-55 & t18290115-42). John Fenwick, abode Limehouse age 65 yrs was buried at St Anne Limehouse on 21.12.1823, shortly after Godwin noted his death. Thomas James Fenwick clothier and taylor of Gravesend died in 1850, (his will Nat Arch PROB11/2117), his family were at Gravesend in 1841 and subsequent censuses. His eldest son Orlando was born in 1822 and later became Mayor of Melbourne, Australia. There are also papers (London Met Arch ACC801/283-305) dealing with a third of Norris Farm, Enfield at times belonging to John Fenwick and to Thomas James Fenwick and mentioning the latter as a bankrupt in 1803. By his age at death he was probably the Thomas James son of John Fenwick born at Newcastle in 1769 (which also helps identify John Fenwick's father). All of which add up to a pretty certain identification of the Fenwick entries of 27.7.1794, 26.6.1796, 7.7.1807 T Fk adv at E Fk, 1.2.1811 T Fenwick Limehouse, 12.5.1811 seek Thos Fk, 22.5.1811 call on T Fk, 5.7.1811 and 10.7.1811. (The entries where he is shortened to Fk have not been coded to him in the GD website). On 22.5.1811 Godwin called but found him out, but 'adv. WG', i.e. Godwin's nephew William, who in 4 entries in November 1808 was written as 'WG, Limehouse'. On 15.11.1808 Godwin wrote to WG, Limehouse, then called on C H Turner, London Hospital. On 15.6.1809 Godwin called on Turner, Limehouse 'adv. Cotton & WG' and on 1.2.1811 Godwin wrote to 'Cotton & T Fenwick, Limehouse'. Charles Hampden Turner and William Cotton, philanthropist (1786-1866 DNB) were partners in a Limehouse ropemaking factory.
Note: John Fenwick voted Byng & Burdett in the 1802 Middlesex election on a third of Norris's Farm, Enfield, when his address was listed as 10 George St, Manchester Sq