Field 17.2.1799 at Holcroft's / 9.8.1804 miss Field at Lamb's /27.4.1808 call on Field, Annuity Office / 12.10.1811 at Collier's / 8.11.1817 at Lamb's / 14.2.1818 at Telford's with Lamb / 3.5.1820 Stanley, with Field calls / 6.1.1821 Field to MJ (mrs Godwin) / 8.11.1826 at Uwins'
Henry Field DNB 1755-1837 was very likely the Annuity Office Field in 1808. His son Barron Field DNB 1786-1846 was the Field most closely linked to Charles Lamb so is the most probable candidate for all the Fields from 1811 on. Henry Field's eldest daughter Esther was born 1792 so could have been at Lamb's aged 12. Henry Field also had a brother William Field DNB 1768-1851 Unitarian minister at Warwick and friend of Samuel Parr. The Field at Holcroft's in 1799 may have been Henry or William or someone else