Finchs 9.10.1803 at Lofft's / 12.2.1804 (Loffts &) 2 Finchs dine / 19.2.1804 miss Finch & Loffts at H(olcrof)t's / 9.12.1805 call on J(ohn) G(odwin), Jo(seph) G(odwin) & Finch / 12.12.1805 write to Finch & P(hilip) H(ull) G(odwin) / 7.5.1808 Chas Finch at Lofft's / 9.5.1808 escort CF to Bury, with SL / 23.9.1812 Finches at Jeffery's (in Salisbury) / 12.6.1824 Finch calls, call on Jo G / 15.6.1824 Finch fr. Newman calls
Probably there were three sets of Finch here, that of 1812 in Salisbury, that of the two 1805 entries and the two 1824 entries all connected to Godwin's brothers, and the others all connected to Lofft. GD website says in error that Capel Lofft's wife was Sarah Watson. She was Sarah Watson Finch, dau of Joseph Finch merchant of Cambridge. She was baptised 17.12.1780 at St Benedict's Cambridge dau of Joseph & Sarah and married Lofft there 10.3.1802. Her siblings were Joseph bapt 1771, Thomas bapt 1773, John bapt 1774, Maria bapt 1777, Henry bapt 1779, Robert Watson bapt 1782, Charles Edward bapt 1784 Charlotte bapt 1787 Frederic bapt 1792 and George bapt 1796. Their mother Sarah Finch died in her 82nd year at St Andrew's St Cambridge (Bury & Norwich Post 10.8.1831) her will widow of Trompington St Cambridge PCC 1831 mentioned sons John & Henry, eldest dau Maria and youngest dau Charlotte. Charles Edward Finch studied at Cambridge (Alum Cantab) and died 1818, he was probably the two 1808 entries above when he was 24, SL was his sister Mrs Sarah Lofft. The Salisbury Finches may have been the family of William Finch, doctor of medicine of Salisbury, (not in Monk's Roll) his will PCC 1848. For Thomas Finch will PCC 1810, employer of Godwin's brother, see Godwin, John. The 1805 entries were shortly before John Godwin died, and the 1824 entries were when Joseph Godwin was in debtors' prison, and may have referred to Thomas Finch's son Thomas, see my entry for Newman