SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Fletcher of 7 New Sq, Lincolns Inn proposed 28.3.1794 by John Augustus Bonney 2nded John Horne Tooke
ChristChurch Oxford 1784 age 16 son of Thos Fletcher of Aston (Birmingham), adm Lincolns Inn 16.5.1785. Listed among crown witnesses for Hardy's trial 1794 as William Fletcher of Lincolns Inn barrister at law but he never appeared in list of counsel in English Law Lists. Alum Ox notes him as barrister Lincolns Inn 1794. Perhaps William son of Thomas & Sarah Fletcher bapt 17.11.1767 St Philip Birmingham. William Fletcher of Erdington, Warwicks voted Middlesex 1802 Byng and Burdett on freehold chambers in Lincolns Inn occupied by Ferguson. William Fletcher Esq of Erdington, or else of Aston Manor (both in same parish next to Birmingham) appeared in Jury and Game lists between 1798 and 1823, sub to Blair's Grave illus. William Blake 1808, sub to charity Morning Post 29.5.1826, in list of JPs 1836. (I previously identified him wrongly as the William Fletcher who married as a widower 17.1.1795 at St Marylebone Sarah Burgess and died 1801, his widow married James Agar in 1805 and died 1811. That was a much older William Fletcher, marble merchant of Millbank who voted Fox 1784 and 1790 and lived at 43 Welbeck St from 1795 when he married Sarah Burgess. There were two attorneys named William Fletcher in London, one of 8 Hyde St Bloomsbury from 1791 to 1800, and the other - if all one person - of Crescent Pl, New Bridge St, Blackfriars in 1795 and of Bedford Row in 1796, bankrupt as scrivener of Bedford Row 1797, of Dyers Bldgs, Holborn & Barnet Herts in 1800. There was also the Irish barrister mentioned in Godwin Diary see below).
BONNEY DIARY: Fletcher 18.5.1794 soon after Bonney's arrest but his only visit. Probably the William Fletcher above whom Bonney had proposed as SCI member less than 2 months before
GODWIN DIARY: Fletcher 9.3.1794 at Wimbledon (Tooke's) / 16.2.1798 Chandler's / 8.6.1800 King's / 10.7.1800 Macnally's (in Ireland). In Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 / 7.8.1801 Fletchers call / 14.7.1806 Westminster Hall / 31.7.1813 write to mrs Fletcher / 15.4.1816 call on Fletchers (in Edinburgh) / 20.4.1816 dine at Fletcher's (in Edinburgh) / 22.4.1816 meet mrs Fletcher (in Edinburgh) /  2.8.1819 mrs Fletcher of Edinburgh calls (na) / 3.8.1819 call on mrs Fletcher. Give copy / 5.8.1819 3 Fletchers call
The SCI member (see above) was probably the 1794 entry at Tooke's, possibly the 1800 entry at King's, the 1798 entry at Chandler's and the 1801 call.
 Archibald Fletcher (1746-1828) counsel for Charles Sinclair Edinburgh 1792 (& for Joseph Gerrald? check Samuel Parr's will). 1796 Romilly's assistants Fletcher & Reader
William Fletcher Hist Irish Parl 1750-1823, Judges In Ireland vol 2 p338, barrister was probably the 1800 entry in Ireland whom Godwin included on his '1796 list'. He married Sarah Whitley in 1780. His son married Franciska daughter of Archibald Hamilton Rowan DNB 1751-1834. Other Fletchers in Ireland 1800 / Eliza Fletcher friend of Matilda Tone Dict Irish Biog / Dublin Trades 1797 Elias Fletcher ship broker & spirit merchant, Robert Fletcher mercer, Robert Fletcher tailor
Will PCC 1838 of Agnes Fletcher widow formerly Seton, of Edinburgh. All the Fletcher entries from 1813 onwards appear to have referred to a Mrs Fletcher of Edinburgh