Flindt calls 7.9.1805
Perhaps Capt Peter Flindt. Hull Packet 19.5.1801& 26.5.1801 The Rostock hoy Anna Dorothea Capt Peter Flindt for Bremen is now loading and will sail the 28th instant, Daniel Boileau High St. Trewmans Exeter Flying Post 4.6.1807 430 bales of Spanish wools to be sold at Bordeaux cargo of Economie of Hamburg capt Flindt wrecked. Gustavus Flindt naturalised by Act of Parliament 1805 bankrupt of Old Broad St 1821 (Nat Arch B3/1721). George Flindt & Co merchants London Morning Post 10.12.1807 Caledonian Mercury 24.2.1812 & 29.2.1812 The Russian ship Fortuna, Flindt, from London to Charleston put into St Thomas's 7th ult with loss of bowsprit, foremast, mizenmast and maintopmast, also leaky. She was blown from the coast of America, has been condemned and sold. Morning Chronicle 9.11.1812 Flindt v Reed, case re ship referred to. Lancaster Gazette 29.5.1813 Hebe J L Flindt arrived from Rostock with wheat and oats. Morning Post 1.7.1818 Paul Anthony Flindt late of Bath died 28.6.1818. Just Peter Amelo Flindt from Finland naturalised 1845 (Nat Arch HO1/20/163)