Foot, Jesse

27.3.1796 Foot at Kentish's / 27.6.1796 meet Foot / 8.7.1799 again / 23.12.1799 again / 10.8.1805 again / 3.1.1813 at J Stewart's, J Foot / 27.5.1813 meet J Foot / 19.12.1821 at theatre, Jesse Foot
Jesse Foot DNB 1744-1826 surgeon. The last entry was surely him, or else his nephew of the same name who returned to England after many years in the Carribean in 1819. The first entry was more likely to have been him if my identification of Kentish as Edward K, surgeon is correct. If all the above Foot entries were the same person it  was an example of Godwin becoming more careful to identify people over the years as he changed him from Foot to J Foot to Jesse Foot