Foote 3.5.1802 at RA exhibition / 20.8.1814 at Hogarth exhibition, British Institution
Possibly the same as Foot, Jesse but Godwin saw a J Foot twice in 1813. There were no Royal Academy or British Institution exhibitors at this time called Foot or Foote. Samuel Foote, perhaps a son of Samuel Foote DNB 1721-1777, was a theatre manager in Plymouth and his daughter Maria Foote DNB 1797-1869 had made a successful London debut earlier in 1814. Boyle's 1800 listed a John Foote esq of 79 Wimpole St & Charlton Place nr Canterbury. Another possible was Henry Foote will PCC 1843 picture dealer St Marylebone. He had four brothers who were surgeons (John of Bloomsbury & Covent Garden PCC 1839, William of Edgware PCC 1844, Charles & Peter both of Gibraltar in 1840). Their father was perhaps John Foote PCC 1797


I have constructed a Foote Family Tree on Ancestry as I am particularly interested in Dr William Foote of Edgware (1786-1844). Do contact me for further details.