In 1796 list for 1782 underlined, but not in 1794 version, nor in any diary entries before 1806 when it was unlikely to have been the person suggested below
Perhaps Edward Ford DNB 1746-1809 surgeon in London
12.12.1806 E Topping, Smith & Ford sup / 29.3.1809 mrs Topping & miss Ford call / 31.3.1809 dine at Hume's w. Ford / 26.7.1809 dine at Hume's w. Ford / 27.4.1810 3 Boinvilles, 2 Hopwood, Ford & Eastwick dine / 3.3.1811 sup at mrs Topping's w. miss Ford / 12.7.1812 dine at Hume adv. mdms Hutchinson, Ford & Bye / 7.12.1812 sup at E Topping's w, miss Ford
A common name and hard to identify. The above entries could all be one unmarried female sometimes with the "miss" and sometimes without. Or there could be separate Fords in the Topping and Hume circles, both female. Ford on its own occurs only once with Topping (the first entry above) but with Hume it occurs twice and once as mdms (which for Godwin could cover mrs and miss).