Fox, Samuel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Fox Esq of Derby proposed 18.5.1792 William Sharpe 2nded John farnell Tuffin
The will 1763 of Samuel Fox of Derby sope boiler mentioned property at Thurlston, Derbyshire,  his children Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Letitia & Jane, his wife (not named), his brother Gilbert Fox and his brother-in-law Samuel Bristow. Presumably this was the father of Samuel Fox above, as he subscribed, of Thurlston, 1798 to Wm Enfield's Sermons and Thurlston was still his property in his will PCC 1851 though his residence was then Osmaston, Derbyshire. Samuel Fox of Derby, bookseller, subscriber to various publications between 1744 and 1761 may perhaps have been the same as the soap boiler. Samuel Fox Esq subscribed 1789 to New Experiments on Electricity by Abraham Bennet (DNB 1749-1799) published at Derby. Samuel Fox = St Peters Derby 18.7.1791 Martha dau of Jedediah Strutt (DNB 1726-1787), their son Samuel was bapt 2.4.1793 at Friar gate Presbyterian, Derby, and Martha Fox was buried there 23.11.1793. About 6.3.1799 Samuel Fox = Ann dau of William Alvey Darwin (1726-1783), attorney of Sleaford, Lincs and elder brother of Erasmus Darwin (DNB 1731-1802). She was baptised Holborn 28.8.1777 dau of William Alvey & Jane Darwin of Hatton St. Samuel Fox of Osmaston subscribed 1822 to Turner's Sermons (Unitarian). The will PCC 1851 of Samuel Fox of Osmaston dated 1.9.1835 mentioned his son Samuel, his wife Ann, and his children by her - William Darwin Fox (a correspondent and cousin of Charles Darwin DNB 1809-1882), Mary Ann wife of Samuel Ellis Bristowe, and Eliza, Emma, Frances Jane and Julia, his handwriting was sworn to 13.6.1851 as Samuel Fox late of Kendalls in Herts. See Fox, Francis in SCI dataset who was perhaps his cousin and was related by marriage