26.4.1795 at King's / 14.11.1795 there / 3.12.1795 there / 1.1.1796 there / 7.6.1799 adv at Ranelagh
Raphael F merchant = 1761 miss Aguilar / 106 Fenchurch St 1780-1
Jacob F Esq Clapton, Hackney Sun F 1777 / PCC 1784 Edmonton
Abramhaim F merchant & Hester F spinster, America Sq, Minories Sun F 1778 / Vine St 1780 / & Hayes 1781, & Lindo 1784-90 / 2 Hamet Ct Minories & Francis F & Jacob F jr
Francis F Esq Sackville St Piccadilly Sun F 1780
Abraham F insurance broker 77 Hatton Gdn 1789-90
Ephraim F attorney Salvadore Hse, Bishopsgate 1790-1
Boyle's 1794 Franco 18 Charlotte St, Bloomsbury / Franco 8 Stratton St Piccadilly
Abraham de Raphael F coral merchant died Lucknow 1799 Gents Mag, wife Esther (dau of Mordecai Rodrigues Lopes of Clapham and sister of Manasseh Masseh Lopez DNB 1755-1831), son Ralph F 1788-1854 became the heir of his uncle and changed name to Lopes in 1831 (History of Parliament)
David Haim F PCC 1796 Leghorn
Rachel F PCC 1799 of Adelphi, will dated 6.10.1795 wife of Abram Haim F, her late father Rev Joseph de Moise F of Leghorn, her son-in-law Jacob F jr and his brother Ephraim F, grandson Joseph O'Brien son of her dau Leah by Michael O'Brien deceased, dau Leah wife of Jacob F, codicil 1.10.1796 revoked legacy to Joseph O'Brien, creditor took admon 1799
Joseph F of Kingston Jamaica PCC 1808
Moses F of Spital Sq Old Bailey victim 1809
Jacob F of James St Adelphi PCC 1817