see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
True Briton 10.1.1795 At F.S.Franque's A.M. 28 Poland St, young gentlemen instructed in French & Writing, Classical & Mathematical learning / Old Bailey 6.12.1797 Stephen Franque "I am a native of France; I have no particular profession; I lodge at No 38 Poland Street; there is one other lodger beside me, a gentleman and his wife; I pay my rent to them. Are they in possession of the whole house? They are. What are their names? Davidge" (38 clearly an error for 28 see Davidge, John) "How long have you been in the country? Since the 23rd July, seven years. You live upon your means only? I teach the French language, but I live mostly upon remittances from France." house was under repair Nov 1797 / Stephen Franque Land Tax 1804 -1810 Queens Row Lambeth