Fromont, Maria

M Fromont at theatre 15.5.1797 (& Dibbin).
Charlotte Maria Fromont was Henry Dibbin's stepsister baptised at Thatcham on 4.10.1778. She appears in Godwin's diary on 15.5.1797 at the theatre with Dibbin (though this could possibly be his mother) and supped at Godwin's with Dibbin on 10.11.1798. She took her father's side in the Chancery dispute (see Dibbin, Henry) and never married, dying on 20.9.1866 (Nat Probate Calendar). In 1861 she was living at Thatcham Farm, described as a farmer of 300 acres employing 10 men and 6 boys. Her companion and housekeeper was another spinster of the same age, Sarah Martin born St Leonards Shoreditch (perhaps the Sally Martin of Godwin's diary). In censuses and the Chancery suit she is called Maria without the Charlotte which only appears in her baptism and her will.