6.2.1807 Furner sups

Only mention in Godwin's diary. Could have come in the company of any of the other guests, Hazlitt, Dawe, the Flathers or Godwin's nephew William Godwin. An uncommon name except in Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. Some London examples in work notes below

Work notes: 
William Furner bach servant of St Marylebone marriage license 1783 to Jane Rice sp / Francis Furner appr 1794 to Richd Simner of Clockmakers Co premium £30, Essex Standard 12.5.1843 watchmaker of Rochford, Essex deceased / Benjamin Furner = Richmond, Surrey 8.6.1798 Jane Knapp / SunFire 1821, 1828 Richard Furner 5 Harp-alley, Fleet-market gent / Frederick Furner articled 1823 to Charles Hannington, SunFire 1844 solicitor 9 Bloomsbury-sq / Richard Furner fruit salesman freedom of City of London 1829, 1845 directory 62 Farringdon-market / SunFire 1834 James Furner 17 Dempsey-st Commercial-rd, gent