Fytche, Lewis Disney

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Lewis Disney Fytche of Danbury Place, Essex original member 1780
Burke's Commoners born Lewis Disney 9.10.1738 son of John Disney of Lincoln (see his brother John Disney DNB 1746-1816), married 18.9.1775 Elizabeth dau of William Fytche governor of Bengal (will PCC 1754) added name Fytche by sign manual 27.9.1775, will PCC 1777 of her uncle Thomas Fytche of Danbury Place. Voted 1774 & 1780 in Nottingham on freehold at Flintham, voted 1775 in Warwickshire on freehold at Polesworth. Signatory 1780 with Thomas Brand Hollis calling for Essex county meeting. 1782-3 his law suit with Robert Lowth (DNB 1710-1787) Bishop of London, which Fytche won in law courts but he was defeated by one vote by bishops in House of Lords, about what were called General Bonds of Resignation, which allowed Fytche to sack his local vicar. Subscribed 1781 to Melampus poem by late Gloster Ridley D.D. Gents Mag 12.11.1787 Mrs Disney Fytche died in child bed in her 39th year. World 20.10.1789 and 27.10.1789 Fytche was charged by a waiter at the Cock & Bell, Rumford of an unnatural (i.e.homosexual) assault and a common assault, found guilty of the latter only. Subscribed 3 gns 1791 to Lincoln County Hospital. St James Chronicle 2.11.1793 said he was in Paris with Thomas Paine (as a slur on his character) but World 1.10.1793 and 13.11.1793 denied it saying he was in Switzerland. Subscribed 1794 as Disney Fitch to Lectures of George Adams (DNB 1750-1795). True Briton 27.1.1796 said he had been at Rome at funeral of James Durno (DNB 1755/6-1795). Subscribed 1800 from Berlin to novel Constantia Neville by Helena Whitford (DNB 1761?-1824). His daughter Frances Elizabeth born 29.8.1776 married 1.2.1800 William Hillary (DNB 1770-1847). His daughter Sophia married 22.9.1802 her first cousin John Disney (DNB 1779-1857). Holden's Directory 1805 & 1811 as Disney Fitch at 39 Jermyn St. Land Tax 1821 Jermyn St L D Fytche. He died 22.9.1822