Heath, George

18.12.1820 call on Perkins; adv. C & G Heath & Miller / 9.10.1821 seek Heath, barrister / 11.10.1821 call on Heath / 11.12.1823 call on G Heath / 6.11.1824 call on Heath (Debtors' Court)
George Heath eldest son of James Heath engraver (DNB 1757-1834) admitted Inner Temple 22.6.1802 called to bar 13.11.1807 eldest son of James Heath Esq, Russell Place, Fitzroy Square, his will PCC 15.5.1852 serjeant at law of Kitlands Surrey. He may not have been the Heath barrister of 1821 and 1824 as Godwin had probably known him from childhood and would have used the initial G (you might think)