Jennings, Edmund

29.1.1789 Jennings at B Hollis' / 30.5.1789, 4.11.1789, 27.1.1790, 21.12.1790, 2.3.1791, 11.4.1791, 14.7.1791, 9.1.1792 and 31.3.1792 there / 2.6.1797 Jennings at B Hollis' / 22.6.1798 meet E Jennings
Edmund Jenings, mentioned in Brand Hollis' will (PCC 1804) and present at most of Brand Hollis' dinners when Godwin dined there. Wrote a work on the peace with America 1778 and a dispute with Henry Laurens 1783. In 1791 listed as member of Unitarian Society, address Wright's Hotel, Soho Sq. On 13.6.1792 he chaired meeting at London Tavern of Society for Commemorating the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Died at Kensington March 1819 in 88th year, formerly of Ripon, Yorks and Middle Temple (admitted 1749). (Joseph Clayton Jennyns (see my Blog/Articles section) was admitted at Trinity, Cambridge Michaelmas 1787, was proposed by Joseph Gerrald to join the Constitutional Society 13.6.1792 but Godwin didn't meet Gerrald, Sinclair, Foulkes &c - though Holcroft knew them all - till Sept 1793 when the name Jennings started to appear in diary again). Mentioned in will PCC 7.8.1798 of John Redman (QV*) dated 24.3.1798 as of Wrights Hotel, Soho Square