Joyce, E

30.8.1806 4 Boadens dine: adv. E Joyce, C Colnet, Essex & Sheffields
This was the first time a Colnet appeared in Godwin's diary, and Caroline Colnett would have been only about 12 years old, though she may have come to see her older sister Emily who may have been present unmentioned if she was there to help with the children (see Colnet). Essex and the Sheffields seem to have been neighbours of Godwin's in the Polygon. E Joyce was quite likely of the family of Jeremiah Joyce (see my entries for him, his brother Joshua, and Joice, and see his person record on GD website). Jeremiah's wife was called Elizabeth but Godwin would more likely have noted her as Mrs Joyce. Their daughter Emma would have been 10 years old. Joshua Joyce had a daughter Elizabeth who would have been 19 years old and a son Edward who would have only been three years old. As to which came to Godwin's, or who came with whom, I can only guess