Keene, Henry

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Henry Keene nr St Saviours Church proposed member 13.9.1782 by Joseph Brown 2nded Joseph Towers
Henry Keene was born about 1726 the youngest child of John Keene farmer of Stadham, Oxfordshire and his wife Alice. Henry's aunt Hannah had married Henry Shepherd, baker of St Saviour Soutwark (his will PCC 1734). She married again at St Benet Pauls Wharf 17.11.1737 John Chantrey lighterman and coal merchant (his will PCC 1751 and her will PCC 1759). At the time his aunt wrote her will Henry Keene was living with her. His oldest sister Elizabeth of St Saviour Southwark spinster had married at St Benet Pauls Wharf 2.1.1736/9 Thomas Cotham of Bermondsey, his older brother John Keene was a baker and married Catherine Wynch (his will PCC 1782), his sister Martha married at Newington 19.3.1760 Joseph Smithers of St Margaret Lothbury, and Henry married at Newington 12.8.1755 Mary Cox sp of St John Southwark. SunFire 1779 Henry Keene lighterman, Clink St, Southwark, SunFire 1791 Henry Keene & Henry Smithers (his nephew) coal merdchants, Clink St, Southwark. Henry Keene Esq of Walworth was on the Revolution Society committee 1788, and he subscribed in 1792 to Robert Robinson's "Researches".He was on the committee of the Sunday School Society ans a governor of St Thomas hospital.  He was buried at Maze Pond 24.2.1797 age 71 from Walworth. His will PCC 13.3.1797 dated 31.10.1795 mentioned his wife Mary, no children, his apprentice James Winch "nephew of my wife", various nephews and nieces, and he left £25 to Eleanor widow of the Rev Robert Robinson