4.8.1807 dine at Johnson's w. Keene / 26.8.1808 again / 19.10.1810 again / 8.10.1812 call on Keene, Dublin (not seen) / 13.10.1812 Keene of Dublin calls
Starting with the last two entries above, this may have referred to Martin Keene 1781-1846 bookseller of 6, College Green, Dublin, or to his father Arthur Keene of Charlemont-st, Dublin will PCC 4.10.1822. As a publisher Martin Keene seems to have been anti-Catholic, and he was King's printer in partnershop with the Grirsons (Dict Irish Biog). Possibly he was also the earlier Keene at Johnson's, if he visited London most years.
Whitshead Keene (1731-1822) MP for Shrewsbury. Benjamin Keene esq of Charles-st Berkeley-sq SunFire 1810 (Neither very likely)