Kelly, Fitzroy

HCR diary 7.7.1825 "Storks with whom I had a late tete a tete - We have it seems a formidable new man in a Mr Kelly. He is known to Mrs Aders - He has a large connection and is said to be a pleader"
                    2.7.1826 awith Mrs Aders "a long conversation about Kelly of whom both A: and his wife have by no means a good opinion. Kelly it appears is a man of family but poor, distantly related to the Lowther family. From L. Lowther his mother has an annuity and it is reported that Lady Lowther was in danger of falling in love with Kelly - that may be a lie. He was put into Chelsea Hospital by Lord Lowther and Mrs A says he has been even a grocer however he was always a remarkably clever fellow and unfortunately as remarkable a liar - he has the merit of maintaining his mother, brother and sister. His brother Mrs A: knows - he is on the stage. It is said by his friends that he (is) making 2000 pounds yearly. It may be true. He is getting into London business. Mrs A: confessed that she thinks Kelly will do anything to get on in his profession. Mrs A: became acquainted with Kelly from his mother thinking that Mrs A: had married her husband. Some community of misfortune had made them intimate"
HCR Reminiscenses 19.10.1857 re: Mrs Aders "I have mentioned Sir Fitzroy Kelly - his life is known to have been one of adventure - His father was a man of family - an officer abroad - And like the husband of Mrs Aders had abandoned his wife and her two children who had to maintain themselves as they could. The resemblance in case of two ladies of the same name occasioning a confusion of persons brought them acquaint And Mrs A always asserted that Mrs Kelly's reputation had been unjustly assailed - She was deserted by her husband and had recourse to literature as a means of support And wrote a novel which had been seen by Monk Lewis who wished to serve the Author - This occasioned an acquaintance between them. When M L died he left £1000 to Fitzroy's brother - The report such an act occasioned was unfounded in Mrs Aders opinion Mrs K told her that M L offered to provide for one of her children Fitzroy was already a quick clever boy and the mother said with respect to this generous offer If you will kindly do anything for either of my children the other needs it most - It was said on the circuit that Kelly was supposed to be a natural son of Monk Lewis"
HCR Reminiscenses 25.11.1857 "There was another report on the circuit that Kelly had a brother on the Thetford stage' This report was circulated at a time when Kelly's talent was such as to excite envy, And before he could, nevertheless have ill afforded to buy his brother off - His conduct was such as to justify the unfriendly feeling towards him - His Ipswich election The petition against him - His allowing his pupils so to act for him as to occasion their being sent to Newgate by the House of Commons and his own being condemned to pay the costs of the Petition agt. his return - These are circumstances known generally and need not be repeated here. In justice to him I must add that K: has some good points in his character He was kind to Mrs Aders as long as she lived and became a kind of patron to her accomplished Nephew Pauncefote and I believe still is - His wife was I have always understood his evil genius tho' a good wife in the sense of taking care of his property"
HCR Reminiscenses 24.3.1858 "Knowing that he had been a sort of patron to Julius Pauncefote I asked after him - K> said you must not ask me - he has behaved very ungratefully to me"
Fitzroy Edward Kelly (DNB 1796-1880) Matthew Gregory Lewis (DNB 1775-1818) Isabella Kelly (DNB 1759-1857) Julian Pauncefote (DNB 1828-1902)